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01 JUN 2018

Fieracavalli 2018

Code of conduct / Ethics

The Ethical Committee has final decision-making power to expel immediately from Fieracavalli anyone who does not uphold the below-mentioned standards

Every rider / breeder / owner / trainer / instructor taking part in Fieracavalli 2018 must ensure ethical responsibility based on expert and honest conduct and management of horses. Consequently, all participants are obliged to respect the following regulations. Signing these regulations implies the fact that no convictions have ever been issued and/or that there are no ongoing proceedings for harm to animal welfare.




  1. Respect current legislation concerning animal welfare (Directive 98/58/EC)

  2. Always act with good manners and be respectful towards people, animals and the environment

  3. Apply all the rules of good equitation and respect for horses, both in the saddle and on the ground

  4. Provide truthful information about the horses in your stables or in any case in your ownership

  5. Anyone who mistreats, coerces, punishes or otherwise harms animals will be expelled from Fieracavalli at the undisputable discretion of the Ethical Commission, in addition to incurring any sanctions that may be imposed as a result of related disciplinary proceedings by the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports (F.I.S.E.) and/or other pertinent Associations

  6. Grooms and persons in charge of stables for horses must strictly observe rules of correct management with regard to:
    • proper and well-rationed nutrition and drinking water
    • clean and plentiful litter
    • cleanliness and tidiness of the environment where horses are kept
    • safeguarding animal health

  7. Everyone managing horses during performances and while moving around the Fieracavalli Show is required to pay close attention to visitors in order to avoid harm to people, animals and things.
    It is forbidden to transit with horses through areas signposted as closed to them

  8. It is strictly forbidden, on pain of immediate expulsion and sanctions as envisaged for in the regulations for the well-being of horses, to use instruments, harnesses or any other device or substances which may in any way affect the performance of horses, modify their behaviour or cause them health problems.
    A Veterinary Commission is on hand to take action in the event of health problems or accidents of any kind

  9. Animals must transit in the areas reserved for them as indicated by Veronafiere S.p.A., in full respect of access times and the regulations for using the facilities provided in order to move and work with horses

  10. It is forbidden to organise practical demos and/or displays and/or movements not envisaged in the calendar defined for each discipline outside the permitted areas

  11. For any problem that may arise, you MUST contact the Veterinary Service which in turn will contact the Ethical Committee

  12. For any other item not specified herein, please refer to the Code of Ethics adopted by the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation (F.I.S.E.)




Sending an application to register horses expressly implies that you have read the Code of Ethics and the General Exhibition Regulations (available here) and agree to uphold the requirements indicated therein.


It also implies that you have read the Health Regulations.
The complete version is available here.






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