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25 MAY 2020

Fieracavalli 2019


Fieracavalli gets going again with art and ... all of you!

Even over all these difficult months, you will have noticed that we have never lost the desire to share our passion with you, stay close to you and keep you company. We have become a large family, have given strength to each other and have stood firm together thanks to our love of horses.


Now the time has come to get going again, get back in the saddle with our companions and start a new journey. We imagine a path through beauty that, now more than ever before, is a vital experience for everyone. And what could be more beautiful and exciting than the bond between us and our horses? It is more than likely that, thanks to this special relationship, you will have overcome many complicated moments - and for this reason we would like to share your stories and experiences in the forefront of the next edition of Fieracavalli: it will be a way to fill the gap that this period of isolation has left in all of us with messages of hope.


Share your experiences and emotions with us!


Share with us the most significant images of you and your companions of adventures on #fieracavallisiamonoi. We will collect them and artist Federica Crestani - curator of the ART&CAVALLO exhibition - will turn them into a collective work of art on show during Fieracavalli 2020.


We look forward to receiving your photos!


#fieracavalli #fieracavallisiamonoi






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