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17 APR 2020

Fieracavalli 2019

Horse Confidential

Welcome to a new event for the Fieracavalli community helping to make our voice heard in the run-up to the 2020 show

In these difficult and uncertain times, being together and belonging to a family is certainly a great way to look towards the future with optimism.


And Fieracavalli is our family! And now, more than ever, we are determined to make our voice heard!


This was how Horse Confidential came into being - an occasion for dialogue and comparison giving voice to exhibitors, equestrian artists, riders, breeders, horse tellers and other figures in the equestrian world associated with Fieracavalli.


Focusing on Fieracavalli 2020, this not-to-be-missed appointment - shared on all Fieracavalli platforms three times a week - will ensure lively debate in the world of horses and sharing of ideas and opinions to improve and create the new show together. A series of video interviews conducted by several key figures in our organization will ensure that everyone will want to come together at Fieracavalli 2020!

See you there! Don't miss Horse Confidential!
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #1 Umberto Scotti - Horse Fiendly Arena 
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #2 Riccardo Di Giovanni - Horse friendly Arena
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #3 Marco Di Paola - F.I.S.E. President
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #4 Federica Crestani - Art&Cavallo
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #5 Giulia Martinengo - rider
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #6 Joey Rinaldi - Parelli School
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #7 Alessandro Centinaio - FEI veterinary
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #8 Martin Fuchs - rider

HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #9 Massimo Montanari and Eugenia Dallaglio - "Asini di Reggio Emilia"
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #10 Francesca DI Giovanni - Scuola Italiana Equitazione Classica 
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #11 Guido Grimaldi - ALIS President and Grimaldi Lines sales manager
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #12 Alessandro Silvestri - Fitetrec-Ante President
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #13 Scott Brash - rider - winner of Jumping World Cup 2019 GP in Verona
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #14 Enrico Maria Scolari - Instructor, horseman, equestrian artist
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #15 Filippo Bologni - rider
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #17 Franceca Arioldi - rider
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #18 Alessandro Volpi - Associazione Allevatori e Amici del Cavallo Tolfetano di Cottanello
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #19 Francesco Vergine - F.I.S.E. Puglia President
HORSE CONFIDENTIAL #20 Olivier Philippaerts - rider





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